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Why should you learn to code? Coding is one of the most sought after skills in the market right now and we cover a broad range of topics to get you ready.


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Coding with no experience? Not a problem! Our well structured courses have you covered. Here's some of what we offer.

Web Design

HTML, HTML 5, Basic CSS, Flexbox, Grid, BootStrap. Learn everything you need to take on the challenge of responsive web design. From basic to advance, you will acquire the skills needed to create stunning web pages.

Data Security & Quality Assurance

Advance Node, Express, HelmetJS, Chai. Understand the importance of data security, how to implement different solutions and perform audit for them. Data security is one of the most sough after skills in the tech industry.

Bug free!

You will have unlimited access to all of our topics and exercises. Our system provides the live feedback to the answers entered, you will know immediately if the answer entered is correct.

API and Microservices

Node, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose. Master the skills to create APIs, bringing applications together to perform designed functions through data sharing, one of the key skills in todays tech industry.


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Scholar Pass


with 3-day trial for 3 EUR
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  • Unlimited Access during Subscription

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